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Track Amazon Price Drops

Let’s face it, when it comes to internet shopping, we all love a good price. Keeping track of product prices is how you get the greatest bargains on Amazon, whether you’re purchasing or selling.

Keeping track of a product’s price reduction might be a pain, but instead of refreshing a website every few minutes, you can use a price tracker software to handle it for you.

We’ll go through the four top Amazon price trackers you should have on your list of Amazon seller tools in this post. is a must-visit site if you routinely shop on Amazon. While it isn’t particularly attractive, it is an invaluable resource. The site’s main purpose is to follow the pricing history of almost any commodity.

Simply copy the URL for the item you’re looking for and paste it into the top-of-the-page search box. To witness the CamelCamelCamel magic in action, use the search button.

You’ll find product information and a buy button, as well as a detailed pricing history that spans months or even years.

You’ll receive an email notification when the price of the item you’re tracking reduces. With the advent of browser plugins for Chrome and Microsoft Edge, this might become your new favorite Amazon shopping site in the future.


When it comes to the finest Amazon price trackers, Keepa is another prominent brand. It offers a pleasant UI with hints of Google design.

Keepa is preferable to CamelCamelCamel since it may be used in areas where the latter is unavailable, such as Brazil, India, and Mexico (but not China).

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Keepa is free to join up for and access virtually all of its capabilities, or you may pay a monthly subscription to utilize all functions with significantly greater limits on the amount of things you wish to price-track.

You may install it to your browser regardless of whatever choice you pick – extensions are available for Firefox, Chrome, Opera, and Microsoft Edge.


Honey is a fantastic tool for getting price updates from Amazon, eBay, and more than 10,000 other online businesses.

This product price tracker is available as a Chrome, Edge, or Firefox browser extension. You may either register using an email address or select ‘I’ll sign up later’ at the bottom of the page once it’s installed.


Earny notifies you whether a price decrease is even conceivable for a particular item you’re following, in addition to price tracking and price drop notifications. It will also scan your emails for previously purchased things so you may price-track items on Amazon and other online retailers such as Walmart, Nike, and others.

One of the best features of Earny is that if the price of anything you’ve already purchased drops, Earny will repay the difference.

Earny isn’t completely free, but the monthly subscription fees are very affordable. It’s just $4.99 per month or $39.96 per year. Earny takes a 25% charge and refunds you the remainder if you get a price decrease alert on anything you’ve already purchased.


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