lake erie metal for shingles
lake erie metal for shingles

Lake Erie Metal For Shingles | Quick Details

Lake Erie Metal for Shingles

Lake Erie Metal For Shingles is a small, family-owned roofing firm that utilizes highly skilled Amish Craftsmen and Specialty Metal Installers. Their major purpose is to increase the accessibility of metal roofing. Lake Erie Metal for Shingles accomplish this by refusing to promote or hire salespeople, enabling us to focus entirely on the job at hand: installing the highest quality metal with the most expert installation and owner-level personal service. You’re speaking with the owner, a competent expert who is really invested in your project, when you call, text, or email. From high-end custom structures to simple single-story ranches, we install beautiful, long-lasting metal.

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Lake Erie Metal for Shingles Expertise

Unlike other roofing companies, we provide a one-of-a-kind service. Did you know that every time you hear a roofing commercial on the radio, the company has spent at least $5,000 on that advertisement each month? If you start hearing advertisements on other channels, you’ll quickly work out the math. The homeowner is liable for both the advertising costs and the commissions paid to the sales team. Frequently, a company may try to ‘off balance’ these costs by using lower-cost goods or labor. As a result, not only do you, the buyer, pay for the salesman’s advertising and charge, but you also get a lower-quality product and potentially difficult installation. When you add in the fact that salespeople are frequently cut off from the production crew, you have the perfect storm for miscommunication. If an issue arises and you need to call the company, you’ll find yourself discussing the matter to a number of people while attempting to resolve it. In no way are we exaggerating. Regrettably, many firms operate in this manner.

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Objective of Lake Erie Metal For Shingles

At Lake Erie Metal for Shingles, we keep you updated on your installation date. You only deal with one person from beginning to end. There are never any sales that are pushed on you. The metal installers who erected the roofs you see on our website and on Google will install your roof as well. We’ve realized that by simplifying and streamlining this process, we can prevent all of the issues that other roofing companies encounter. Our clients have had a wonderful experience and are thrilled to have received their energy-efficient, ecologically friendly, and long-lasting metal roof for a fraction of the cost. Our customers usually tell us that our metal roof pricing was far lower than the other shingle roof bids they received! It is for this reason that we do what we do.

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Services Offered by Lake Erie Metal For Shingles

Lake Erie Metal for Shingles offers residential metal roofing, commercial metal roofing, eco-friendly and green flat roofing solutions, and commercial maintenance on large metal and flat roofs.

In both traditional and standing seam designs, they employ 28 gauge rib metal, as well as 26 gauge and 24 gauge standing seam metal in a range of widths and seam heights. There are over 24 colors available in matte and glossy textures, as well as exotic metallic metals including Gun Metal and Copper Penny, as well as conventional Copper Copper. Standing Seam is created on-site using a roll form machine. Metal Shingles, Metal Tiles, and European Metal [think old world Italian or Eastern European look] are just a few of the specialty metals they use.

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They install traditional copper gutters and downspouts as well as 5″ and 6″ gutters to match any metal roof color.

They use vinyl and metal siding in a variety of designs, including horizontal, vertical, and a mix of patterns for added architectural interest. For a popular Modern Farmhouse look, we install Board and Batton siding.

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Lake Erie Metal For Shingles Color Chart

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Lake Erie Metal For Shingles Review

As of today On Google Review, Lake Erie shingles for Metal have a 5-star rating.



8584 Washington St, Chagrin Falls, Ohio 44023, United States

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Lake Erie Metal for Shingles Hours

DayWorking DaysTiming
Monday09:00 am – 09:00 pm
Tueday09:00 am – 09:00 pm
Wednesday09:00 am – 09:00 pm
Thursday09:00 am – 09:00 pm
Friday09:00 am – 09:00 pm
Saturday09:00 am – 09:00 pm
Sunday09:00 am – 09:00 pm

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Often Asked Question (Lake Erie Metal For Shingles)

Q) How long does it take to put a metal roof on a house?

Most roofs are installed in one to three days. Our highly skilled Amish or specialist installers arrive on time and complete the work. This is our trade, and we work all year. The metal installers who installed the roofs you see on our website and on Google are the same metal installers who will install your roofing.

Q) Is it possible to install metal roofing over shingles that have already been installed?

The metal roofs on the majority of the homes in our images were placed directly over the existing shingles. In reality, this is a manufacturer-recommended installation procedure. Even if they are old or some are gone, the existing shingles operate as a vapor barrier. Installing over shingles saves the client money on tearing off the old shingles, repurchasing vapor barrier, and preventing a tar-based product from leaking eternally in a landfill. The metal is thicker than shingles, so it’s more durable, but it’s also lighter. We may put over furring strips or underlayment to give an aged roof a beautiful, straight appearance.

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Q) Is there a warranty from Lake Erie Metal for Shingles?

The coatings on our metal have a 40-year manufacturer’s warranty (covering rust, fade or chalk). The metal’s warranty is in addition to the coating warranty. We provide a five-year labor warranty and have never had an issue with it.

Q) Is it possible for you to install solar panels on my metal roof?

Installing solar panels on a metal roof is a no-brainer. If this is something you’re interested in, we work with a number of solar businesses who also provide financing.


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