Lake Erie Lighthouses
Lake Erie Lighthouses

Lake Erie Lighthouses | Lighthouses in Ohio | Stunning Guide

Lake Erie Lighthouses

Beautiful Lake Erie Lighthouses to Visit Along Lake Erie’s Shores. A Guide to the Most stunning Lake Erie Lighthouses in Ohio

Over 20 lighthouses may be seen on Lake Erie in Ohio, some of which date back to the early 1800s. From Cleveland’s craggy coastlines to Ashtabula’s oceans, each beacon and tower is unique. While each building’s design is interesting, the tales behind them are much more amazing!

These Ohio lighthouses have directed mariners along the Lake Erie shoreline for decades. The three magnificent spots to see are described here, but they are only the beginning of Ohio’s intriguing history. Visit Geneva-on-the-Lake, the state’s original summer resort, to learn more, and don’t forget to get our free Geneva-on-the-Lake Vacation Guide. Over 100 museum, historic site, and landmark selections are included in our guide!

Lake Erie Lighthouses
Lake Erie Lighthouses

Lake Erie, one of the five Great Lakes, is notorious for her wild weather and severe waves, which explains why her beautiful lighthouses were in such high demand at the turn of the century. You may spend the day touring from east to west along the roads that run alongside Lake Erie. When I go on a lighthouse tour, I schedule a whole day and make sure I’m prepared to brake for all of the planned and impromptu stops along the way.

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So lets find out the list of Lake Erie Lighthouses & Best list of Lighthouses in Ohio

1. The Ashtabula Harbor Lighthouse

Ashtabula Harbor Lighthouse
Ashtabula Harbor Lighthouse

The Ashtabula Lighthouse Restoration and Preservation Society has conserved this 100-year-old lighthouse atop the breakwaters of Ashtabula Harbor. This lighthouse was first constructed in 1836 atop a wooden crib to guard the harbor. However, in 1916, the lighthouse was doubled in size and permanently installed on a concrete crib, where it still stands today. One of the most fascinating facts about this lighthouse is that it was the only intact Coast Guard-manned lighthouse on Lake Erie in 1973.

You may see the lighthouse from the exterior during your visit, but there are no tours available at this moment.

Quick Guide:

If you’re starting your journey at the lakeside town of Ashtabula, stop by Bascule Bridge Grille for a light lunch while taking in the views of the Bascule bridge.

2. Fairport Harbor

fairport harbor lighthouse copy-min
fairport harbor lighthouse copy

Fairport Harbor West Lighthouse with the Old Fairport Harbor Lighthouse. On a road trip, I stumbled upon this lighthouse, which made me halt for a while. It was not immediately on the lake, but it was in the heart of town. After a little investigation, I discovered that this was a historic lighthouse that had been replaced and is now a museum with tours.

From Memorial Day weekend until mid-September, the Fairport Harbor Lighthouse and Marine Museum is open on Wednesdays, Saturdays, Sundays, and all legal holidays. The hours of operation are 1 p.m. to 4 p.m.

The Fairport Harbor West Breakwater Light is located on the shore if you wish to visit the present lighthouse. It was recently refurbished, and there are plans to turn it into a holiday rental.

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Quick Guide:

The Fairport Harbor Creamery is directly across the street from the museum, where you can have some delectable ice cream while wandering between the lighthouses.

3. The Lighthouse of Lorain

The Lighthouse of Lorain
The Lighthouse of Lorain

This famous lighthouse, known as the “Jewel of Port,” has weathered the test of time and is unquestionably one of the most gorgeous lighthouses along the Lake Erie shore. It’s hard to believe, but this gorgeous lighthouse would have been dismantled in the 1960s if it hadn’t been for some local preservationists.

During the summer, you may take a tour of the lighthouse. Reservations are required, and the lighthouse is only accessible by boat. Another fantastic opportunity to see this lighthouse is on one of their sunset dinner cruises. I was unable to participate in this activity, but will return to do so in the near future!

Quick Guide:

This lighthouse is not wheelchair accessible, and the tour guides urge that you wear sturdy shoes.

4. The Lighthouse of Vermilion

Vermilion Lighthouse
Vermilion Lighthouse

While it is not the original structure, the replica of the first lighthouse is a must-see for anybody visiting the lake’s beaches. For the last 63 years, Vermilion has been without a functioning lighthouse; a resident named Ted Wakefield spearheaded the fundraising effort to bring a lighthouse back to town. The replica lighthouse’s 25,000-pound foundation, which measures 15 feet in diameter, was set in 1991, and reconstruction began.  Tours of the Vermilion Lighthouse are not available.

Quick Guide:

During Prohibition, Vermilion was known as the “city of sea captains” and was a famous drop-off location for illicit booze from Canada. Before you depart town, stop by Chez Francois for a glass of wine from a nearby vineyard.

5. The Lighthouse of Port Clinton

Port Clinton Lighthouse
Port Clinton Lighthouse

For sixty years, this lighthouse stood on private land along the Portage River, mostly forgotten. The owner decided to look into giving the lighthouse to Port Clinton in 2010, and her journey back to the Lake Erie shoreline started. With amazing support, the community rallied to help restore it and return it to its rightful place.

Take some time to explore the park, see the Lightkeeper sculpture, and watch one of Lake Erie’s beautiful sunsets while you’re here.

Saturday tours of the Port Clinton Lighthouse are available for a modest cost and are available from Memorial Day to Labor Day from noon to 5 p.m.

Quick Guide:

Spend a few days at Port Clinton to explore the region, go fishing with Blue Sky Charters in the Walleye Capital of the World, and view the Port Clinton Lighthouse on your way out for the day.

6. Marblehead Lighthouse State Park is number six on the list.

Marblehead Lighthouse State Park
Marblehead Lighthouse State Park

Marblehead Lighthouse State Park, one of Ohio’s smaller state parks, welcomes lighthouse enthusiasts and history aficionados to come explore and learn about one of the state’s most beloved and magnificent lighthouses. It’s not only beautiful to look at, but it’s also one of the Great Lakes’ oldest continually operational lighthouses.

For many years, this lighthouse has served as a beacon of safety, and now it serves as a beacon of welcome to visitors arriving on the beaches of Lake Erie. This freshly rebuilt lighthouse, a model of a lifesaving station, and a gift shop are available to tourists every day from noon to 4 p.m. from Memorial Day to Labor Day. Spend the afternoon at this one-of-a-kind state park with a picnic.

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Quick Guide:

There are 77 steps up a winding staircase to the top of the lighthouse’s observation deck, where you can take in stunning views of Lake Erie and the distant islands. Bring binoculars since you can see the Cleveland beaches on a clear day.

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7. The lighthouse on South Bass Island is number seven.

South Bass Island Lighthouse
South Bass Island Lighthouse

Taking a Miller Ferry to South Bass Island, where this lighthouse is located on the island’s southwest tip, is a unique approach to see this lighthouse. When you get off the boat, rent a golf cart and start your trip around South Bass Island toward the lighthouse. Don’t worry if you get lost; the island is small, and golf cart rental shops have maps.

The lighthouse on South Bass Island was built in 1897 and remained operational until 1962. You may now take a tour of the Lighthouse Tower and learn about its history, as well as ascend 60 feet to the top for breathtaking views of Put-in-Bay and Lake Erie. The charge is $5.00 per participant and groups are restricted to five people. The climb contains a lot of steps and can be rather difficult. Prepare yourself by wearing sturdy footwear.

The grounds of the lighthouse are free to the public from sunrise to sunset.

8. The Toledo Harbor Lighthouse

Toledo Harbor Lighthouse
Toledo Harbor Lighthouse

The Toledo Harbor Lighthouse is on Lake Erie, 5 miles north of Maumee Bay State Park, with a gingerbread-style appearance, according to some. You read it accurately; it’s in the lake near the shipping channel’s entrance.

This lighthouse is open to the public during the Annual Toledo Lighthouse Festival, when you may take a boat ride to see it. If you can’t make it to the festival, you may hire a boat or charter and take a sunset trip out to watch it.

While seeing the lighthouses around Lake Erie, stay at the Maumee Bay State Park Lodge. This is my preferred lodging option. It provides some of the greatest sunset views in the area.

Before you travel, there are a few things you should know:

• Put on a pair of solid sneakers.

• Bring binoculars with you.

• Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated.

• Small lighthouse groups normally run these, so call ahead for hours.

• Bring snacks or a picnic lunch.

9. West Sister Island Lighthouse

West Sister Island Lighthouse
West Sister Island Lighthouse

West Sister Island has a long history dating back to the War of 1812. The Ottawa National Wildlife Refuge now manages West Sister Island as a national wildlife refuge. The refuge was created in 1937 by President Franklin D. Roosevelt to safeguard the United States’ greatest wading bird breeding colony on the Great Lakes. Although visitors are not permitted on the island, the historic lighthouse may be seen from the south coast of Lake Erie via boat.

10. Cedar Point Lighthouse


(1 Cedar Point Dr., Sandusky, OH 44870.)

The lighthouse, which stands 38 feet tall, was completed in 1862. The lighthouse keeper’s six-room limestone cottage at the point of the Cedar Point peninsula houses the light, which was utilized for navigation until 1909. During Cedar Point’s working hours, it may be seen up close. Traveling around the Cedar Point peninsula necessitates the payment of a causeway toll/parking charge. There is no access to the interior.

11. Huron Lighthouse & Fishing Pier

Huron Lighthouse & Fishing Pier
Huron Lighthouse & Fishing Pier

Huron Lighthouse & Fishing Pier is located at the end of North Main Street in Huron, Ohio 44839.

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The United States Federal Government maintains the Huron Lighthouse. The lighthouse is not available to the public for visits, however visitors can wander along the pier. The pier is a fantastic place to fish all year and is also one of Ohio’s “hot locations” for birds.

Lighthouses provide breathtaking views of the surrounding area as well as opportunities to learn about their history. Each lighthouse along Lake Erie’s shoreline has its own distinct personality and architecture. While you won’t be allowed to go inside each one, you will be able to enjoy the grounds and adjacent green spaces. The views from the summit are generally stunning, albeit a little windy, and well worth the trip.

Lake Erie Lighthouses Map

Find below to detect the locations of the Lake Erie Lighthouses.

Complete list of Lighthouses in Ohio

Lighthouses in Ohio
Lighthouses in Ohio
lighthouses in ohioLocation
AshtabulaAshtabula, OH
Behm's (Grimm Memorial)St. Marys, OH
Cedar PointSandusky, OH
CelinaCelina, OH
Cleveland East EntranceCleveland, OH
Cleveland Harbor East BreakwaterCleveland, OH
Cleveland Harbor Main EntranceCleveland, OH
Conneaut West BreakwaterConneaut, OH
Cunningham CreekArcole Shore Estates, OH
Fairport HarborFairport, OH
Fairport Harbor West BreakwaterFairport, OH
Green IslandPut-in-Bay, OH
Huron HarborHuron, OH
LorainLorain, OH
Manhattan RangeToledo, OH
MarbleheadMarblehead, OH
Maumee Bay Straight Channel RangeToledo, OH
Maumee Inner RangeToledo, OH
Maumee Middle RangeToledo, OH
Maumee Outer RangeToldeo, OH
NorthwoodSt. Marys, OH
Perry MemorialPut-in-Bay, OH
Port ClintonPort Clinton, OH
Sandusky Bay Inner RangeSandusky, OH
Sandusky Bay Outer RangeSandusky, OH
Sandusky Bay Range BeaconsSandusky, OH
Sandusky Harbor BreakwaterSandusky, OH
South Bass IslandPut-in-Bay, OH
Toledo HarborToledo, OH
Turtle IslandToledo, OH
VermilionVermilion, OH
West Sister IslandPut-in-Bay, OH

Often Asked Question Lake Erie Lighthouses

On Lake Erie, Ohio, how many lighthouses are there?

Over 20 lighthouses may be seen on Lake Erie in Ohio, some of which date back to the early 1800s.

Q) Is it possible for you to walk to the Ashtabula Lighthouse?

Ans: When the pier was flooded, an elevated walkway was built to allow the keeper to reach the tower. After a schooner destroyed sixty feet of the walkway in 1880, the lighthouse was moved 471 feet toward the end of the expanded pier, and the raised walk was extended the same distance in 1882.

Q) What is the name of Lake Erie’s oldest lighthouse?

Ans: The Marblehead Lighthouse, which has been in continuous service since 1822, is the oldest lighthouse on the Great Lakes.


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