bald eagle ohio
bald eagle ohio

Bald Eagle Ohio | Quick Details on Ohio Bald Eagles Sighting, Map & Nest

Bald Eagle Ohio

Bald Eagle in Ohio are found in marshes, swamps, and river systems throughout the region. January is also a new beginning for Bald Eagles, since it is the time of year when mature bald eagles commence courting displays in dazzling aerial displays around the shores. It’s also when eagles unite by building nests, a sight that’s growing increasingly prevalent in Northeast Ohio as the population grows.

Nest-building may prompt anybody who spends time outside to observe more activity from these awe-inspiring birds perched high above barren trees in Northeast Ohio. According to Ohio Department of Wildlife statistics, bald eagle sightings have surged by 300 percent in certain areas since 2012.

bald eagle in ohio
bald eagle in ohio

Photo By Andy Morffew, CC BY 2.0, (Wikipedia)

Bald Eagle Ohio Nest

The Ohio Department of Natural Resources is in charge of the state’s natural resources. The below chart represents the 2020 Bald Eagle Ohio nest census.

District/County20122020Percent Increase
Northeast Ohio (DOW-D3)
Northeast Ohio Total61136123

Biologists from the Ohio Department of Natural Resources (ODNR) performed a statewide nest count in 2020, finding 707 nests across the state, many more than in prior years. Nest counts were approximated using a sampling of survey sites between 2012 and 2019, rather than an extensive survey like the one conducted by the Ohio Department of Natural Resources in 2020, when a pilot physically flew over reported nests to validate 2,500 public claims.

bald eagle ohio bond
bald eagle Ohio bond

The eagle population’s recovery from a low of four breeding couples in 1979 to 707 nests confirmed in the state last year continues to astound wildlife scientists like Kearns, who have been tracking the species’ development and presence in the state for years.

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While it’s unclear how many eaglets were born in the 700 nests documented in 2020, statistics from the previous ten years, from 2010 to 2019, revealed that each nest produced an average of 1.4 eagles, and 2021 is predicted to generate a similar number.

bald eagle ohio nest
bald eagle Ohio nest

Photographers throughout Northeast Ohio have witnessed eagle movement at the bald eagle nest in the yard of Redwood Elementary in Avon Lake, as January is a perfect season to see eagles in full courting and nest-building mode.

Eagles like the ones in Avon Lake have evolved to establishing nests in crowded areas over time, making it far more probable that someone may witness one in their own backyard.

Wildlife specialists advise people to respect the bird’s space and keep at least 100 yards away from the nest. Annoying bald eagles at their nest site may cause them to leave their eggs.

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Bald Eagles in Ohio

Over the last few years, the bald eagle population in Ohio has been creating record numbers of nests. With 122 bald eagle nests, the Lake Erie Shores & Islands region has been proven to have the most bald eagle nests in the whole state of Ohio, according to a citizen science study certified by the Ohio Department of Natural Resources. With their prime nesting months being February and March, now is the best time to see these beautiful eagles.

(Before you go, keep in mind that, while bald eagles are no longer considered endangered, they are nonetheless protected under state law as well as the federal Bald and Golden Eagle Protection Act.) Please respect the space of birds by staying at least 100 yards away from their nests.)

So take your binoculars and camera, and plan a multi-day trip to Ohio’s Lake Erie Shores & Islands, the state’s bald eagle capital.

Where can you see bald eagles in Ohio?

The following are just a few of the fantastic spots to watch bald eagles and their nests:

Bald Eagle LocationsBald eagles and their nests
Old Woman Creek National Estuarine Research ReserveGreater and Lesser Scaups, Eastern Bluebirds, American Wigeons
East Harbor State ParkMourning Doves, Red-bellied Woodpeckers, Black-capped Chickadees
Great Egret Marsh PreserveBuffleheads, Gadwalls, Ring-necked ducks, Common Goldeneyes
Ottawa National Wildlife RefugeEuropean Starlings, Tundra and Trumpeter Swans, Sandhill Cranes
Magee Marsh State Wildlife AreaNorthern Harriers, Northern Shrikes, Red-tailed Hawks
Sheldon Marsh State Nature PreserveRing-billed Gulls, Lapland Longspurs, Redhead and Gadwall ducks
Huron Lighthouse & PierHorned Larks, Snow Buntings, American Black Ducks
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Bald Eagle Ohio Map

bald eagle ohio nest count map
bald eagle Ohio nest count map

Also Bald eagles have been spotted in the following locations:

• Magee Marsh Wildlife Area, Ottawa County, where bald eagles have been spotted.

• Wayne County’s Killbuck Marsh Wildlife Area

• Trumbull County’s Mosquito Creek Wildlife Area

• Sandusky County’s Pickerel Creek Wildlife Area

Ottawa County is home to the Ottawa National Wildlife Refuge.

• North of the Station Road Bridge Trailhead in Brecksville, the Pinery Narrows region.

Wildlife authorities say the bald eagle population in the state is flourishing, but more work has to be done.

The division’s management is limited, with its key responsibilities include assisting rehabilitators in the recovery of wounded birds and assisting in the enforcement of state and federal legislation such as the Bald and Golden Eagle Protection Act.

Often Asked Questions – FAQ Bald Eagle Ohio

Q) What led to the first drop in the first place?

The eagle population was destroyed by habitat destruction and degradation, illegal shooting, and pollution of its food source owing to the use of the chemical DDT.

The stronghold of the bald eagle was marshes and huge bodies of water. According to wildlife specialists, nearly 90% of wetland habitats have been destroyed as cities develop throughout numerous Midwestern states, implying that our nation’s emblem of limitless freedom was running out of room.

Q) What does it mean to have bald eagles?

The Bald Eagle is the most well-known bird in the United States since it is the country’s national bird. The bald eagle, with its black body, white head, and golden beak, has been the subject of this essay. The bald eagle is a symbol of growth, power, triumph, action, and manifestation. It appears when you’re going through a profound internal transition that leads to aligned progress, or when you need motivation to keep moving forward.

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Q) Is there a large number of bald eagles in Ohio?

In 2020, (ODNR) Ohio Department of Natural Resources, a statewide Bald Eagle nest count was undertaken by biologists. There were 707 nests found around the state, which is a significant increase over previous years.

Q) In Ohio, how prevalent are bald eagles?

The number of bald eagles in Ohio increased in 2020, according to authorities at the state’s Division of Wildlife. Biologists identified 707 bald eagle nests in 85 Ohio counties in 2020, up 150 percent from the 2012 census (281 nests documented in 59 counties).

The number of bald eagle nests increased in all regions of Ohio, but in southwestern Ohio, the growth was the largest, leaping 722 percent from nine to 74 nests. Ottawa County, in northeastern Ohio around Lake Erie, had the highest amount in 2020, with 90 nests. Since the 1970s, this county has been the focus of bald eagle activity in Ohio. It is an exceptional bald eagle habitat due to its closeness to Lake Erie and high concentration of coastal wetland marshes.


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